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Winter Skin Solutions

Posted on November 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM
  Winter weather is here again and my skin is exhibiting the signs of dry air, hard water, and lots of indoor heating. I typically have dry sensitive skin to begin with and when October arrives it begins to get worse. By February, if I’m not proactive, my skin looks like a dehydrated prune! Not exactly the look I was going for.
     So how do you keep your skin moisturized in this dry Idaho climate? First drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated on the inside is going to show up on the outside.Second, as tempting as it may be to stand under the hot shower or to soak in a steamy bath, you need to resist.  Hot water will remove your skins protective natural oils creating even drier skin.Also try using more natural soaps or shower gels that have healthy base ingredients.  Healthy ingredients are the ingredients that you don’t need a dictionary to understand. I also exfoliate with a natural face and body scrub several times a week. This helps to remove any dead skin cells so that products can penetrate easily and create silky smooth skin.  A good way to exfoliate is with a loofah, or sugar scrubs in the shower with natural oils are very helpful. No matter what exfoliate you choose to use, be sure not to over scrub.You just want to lightly remove dead skin, not create abrasions from scraping skin off. And finally the last, but not least, key to preventing dry winter skin is to moisturize.
     After bathing lightly pat your skin dry and apply your moisturizer while you skin is still moist. This will enable it to absorb better. Use good quality moisturizers that don’t contain mineral oils,petroleum, or other toxic ingredients. Your skin is your largest eliminating organ and it does absorb harmful chemicals that are in products. So beware of what you put onto it. You could even put straight extra virgin olive oil onto your skin. Olive oil is beneficial for skin because of its fatty acids including oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids and phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant benefits. Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease omega 6 fatty acids while increasing omega 3 fatty acids (the good fatty acids). Shea butter is also another great natural moisturizer that contains beneficial fatty acids. Try again to make sure it’s a quality shea butter or shea body butter mixture with ingredients that you understand.
     The above skincare tips should help you avoid the itchy dry skin that winter brings. It is just a matter of taking care of yourself from the inside and outside. Water is the body’s main chemical component, resulting in about 60% of our body’s weight.Our entire system depends on it, especially our skin. A good rule of thumb is to try and drink at least eight, 8oz glasses of quality water each day. Try to avoid prolonged bathing, use quality skin care for bathing and moisturizing and your skin should remain plump, smooth and supple.

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Reply acne scars
5:33 AM on December 26, 2012 
At winter season my skin is become so dry and after using winter cream I always have the problem of acne because of the products use. Can you please suggest me some tips on that?