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Health Blog


New Super Green Smoothie

Posted on May 15, 2016 at 7:06 PM
     We recently started growing wheat grass to juice for all of the numerous health benefits. I am also a huge fan of smoothies because they help me to consume larger quantities of fruits and veggies then I would normally consume.   We decided to combine the wheat grass juice into the smoothie and deliciousness occurred! 

Here is what was in my super green smoothie:

  1 handful of organic cilantro ( this is my preferred system of measurement  and when I say approximately its because I basically just eyeball it and dump it in.The only exact measurement is the wheat grass :)

  1 handful of  organic mixed salad greens

  1 handful of organic kale

   2 tablespoons of  organic hulled hemp seeds

  2 tablespoons  of organic black chia seeds

  1 handful of organic dark sweet cherries frozen

  1 handful organic mango chunks frozen

  approximately 3 oz of organic beet juice

  approximately 3 oz of  organic goats milk blueberry kefir

  approximately 5 oz non sweetened organic almond milk

  3 oz of freshly juiced wheat grass

  approximately 1 oz organic pomegranate juice

  3 slices of fresh organic ginger

  4 slices of fresh organic lemon and peel

Blend it all together and drink! This made  three 16 oz glasses.

All of these ingredients are so good for you! I could list them all or I could just be lazy ( or as I like to call it efficient ) and post these lovely well written links to the numerous health benefits of these ingredients.

  • cilantro helps to remove heavy metals from your body, is an antioxidant and more 

  • dark sweet cherries 

      Hope any of this information was of use and helps to motivate you to create some delicious super green smoothies of your own!

Categories: Health and Wellness, Healthy Eating, Skin Health-inside and out

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