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Below are a few comments from some of our Reiki I and II students.

"The teachers are knowledgeable, kind, & giving. The group is so warm & giving. Very cohesive group."

"The Reiki class was very well rounded. We touched on many various aspects of healing and incorporated them into our discussions. This is a class I would highly recommend to someone who is attune to alternative healing modalities."

"At first my thoughts were that I wouldn't get much out of it for me. But after the fact I found I needed this. The class was informative and fun at the same time. it opened so many doors and I feel will open more."

"I really enjoyed taking the Reiki 1 and 2 courses. Frances and Eric are such great people and made us feel very welcome. I am so happy I choose them as my Reiki teachers. You can tell they really care about their students and they are committed to sharing Reiki and following the Reiki principles. I will definitely recommend their course to others. I left feeling confident to start my Reiki practice and I know that I could contact them if I had any questions in the future. I also really enjoyed the small class size, it felt much more personal than a larger sized class. I can’t wait to come in and try a facial in the future!"

-Lindsey L


Our reiki infused herbal skin salve has been utilized for a variety of skin ailments. It contains a mixture of healing skin regenerating herbs that work together to soothe anything from small wounds to chronic psoriasis. I even have some clients that use it as an anti-aging cream.Below are a few client testimonials on this product which is available on our products page!

“I would like to recommend this product to anyone that has tried everything else and not had any luck with healing dry skin.

I started using the skin salve after having Frances suggest it, due to the fact that I had a terrible time finding a product that healed my hands. I had a terrible time with them cracking and bleeding due to dryness. She suggested the skin salve and in about a week of using it every night my hands were healed. I now use it regularly to keep my hands in good shape. I have a hard time with dry skin year around and during the winter months it is even more severe. This salve allows me to be able to have hands that don’t crack and bleed by just closing my fist or bending my fingers. 

I have a severe allergy to cats and when a cat scratches me the skin will swell and itch. After knowing how well the salve worked on my dry skin I tried the skin salve on the scratches and it took the itching away and alleviated the swelling as well. I volunteer for the Idaho Humane Society at their rescue ranch and I now keep a container of the skin salve there so that when I have a cat scratch me I can take care of it right then.

I have now started to use the salve on my legs and have noticed a huge change in the smoothness of the skin. 

This is a great product and takes less of it to make a difference then other products do and they don’t work.’

Jeanette Porter

“Skin salve, the most important product in my bag of trix. It works on everything from athlete’s foot to a sunburn. I love the fact that it’s all organic and has been infused with positive reiki energy. I even keep one in my travel bag at all times. I love this salve and it makes a great gift!”

Karrie Wood

C.E. O. Physique Fitness